Our History

The Sweet Brigadier started in 2010 with the idea to sell "brigadeiros" (Brazilian style candies) especially because you can't find in most of the parties, well, maybe in the Brazilian ones.

With this delicious family recipe, we adapted it to the American market and we created the Brigadier Truffle - Belgium chocolate shell with a soft filling. 


How do we make them

These sweets are made with sweet condensed milk and chocolate, and belong to the maverlous category of Brazilian "docinhos" (candies). They are made fresh to order with a 2 day guarantee shipping in the USA.

The Sweet Brigadier is the first dessert catering business in Utah bringing from Brasil this delicious recipe with many different gourmet flavors.

It's made with the best ingredients to make this traditional Brazilian dessert even better.

A must have in your party, as a gift or just to enjoy!


The Brigadeiro History

Don't ask me why, but they were named after Brigadier Eduardo Gomes (see his picture below), a very famous Air Force commander from the 40's. He was handsome and single. So the ladies, who supported the presidential campaign started making the candy because they fell in love for him and to raise funds for the campaign. So, every time someone asked them what were those, they would say "that's the brigadier's candy".

Actually, a considerable number number of Brazilian desserts were named after a famous Brazilian personalities...


Air Marshall Brigadier Eduardo Gomes
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