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"So happy we had Marcela cater for our wedding day! She did an AMAZING job from how beautiful the displays were to how yummy everything was. Couldn't thank her enough for her hard work and making our wedding day even more perfect!"

Alisha Herrin (via Facebook)


"We used The sweet brigadier for our wedding !!! Can't recommend enough. The cupcakes, strawberry cake, and service overall exceeded expectations. Guests were raving about the dessert. Marcela was at the venue for hours on our special day putting on final perfecting touches. She went above and beyond!!"

Chesley Wells (via Facebook)


"Marcela, Love your chocolates! :)"

Derrek Parra - Gold and Silver medalist of Speed Ice Skating


“It goes from quality of ingredients, to quality of product presentation, quality of customer service and the BEST QUALITY OF FLAVOR!!”

Gabriela Freitas (via Facebook)


“Very flavorful truffles made with very good chocolate! Marcela opts for perfection in everything she does. We as customers can clearly see that she loves what she does because this love is reflected in the delicious flavors and appearance of her desserts! I would definitively recommend it =)”

Gabriela Carriel Lagemann (via Facebook)


“I'm in love with the chocolate I received! It was perfectly tailored to my taste, arrived super fast (from ordering to arriving in 5 days!) and it's delicious! Will definitely be buying more!”

Isabela Rose (via Facebook)


“We ordered cupcakes from The Sweet Brigadier for my daughter's 16th birthday and I must say without any hesitation.. THEY WERE THE BEST CUPCAKES WE EVER HAD (and we've tried a lot of cupcakes)!! No joke! The ratio of cupcake to frosting was just right, they were moist and delicious, the decoration was super adorable, and she was able to fulfill the order on a semi short notice! The cost was manageable too. I'd recommend this business to anyone who wants cute, professional, delicious treats created by an individual who has genuine talent and passion for the trade. Thanks Sweet Brigadier!”

Kaellen Fuller (via Facebook)


“My daughter is driving me crazy asking me to order your truffles, she said she never ate anything like that. I now regret that I didn’t try them too.”

Ana Claudia Duarte - Owner of Seasoning Brazil 


“Amazing truffles. Everyone loved them and took your business card. Thanks!!”

Sam (via phone)


“Thank you so much! Everything was delicious!”

Carolina Smith (via Facebook)


“The best truffles ever. Thanks Marcela, I loved it. For those who live in the USA, they ship it.”

Fernanda Winders (via Facebook)


“This is a MUST like page! Superb products made by Marcela Ferrinha, really the best!”

Fernanda Poggi - Jornalist O Estado RJ (Brazilian Webjournal) (via Facebook)


“These chocolate truffles were amazing. They just melted in your mouth. I had to tell myself to stop eating them and share. I really recommend you guys getting them for yourselves or as a gift. Great job, Marcela!”

Julio Antonio Moreno Rivera (via Facebook)


“I received these peace of heaven in the mail yesterday, they were so delicious I ate them all with the boys in less than half hour! Thank you very much, Marcela!”

Annie E Jesse Adams (via Facebook)


“Ooh love them! The best truffles EVER.”

Tina Widmayer Cicchetti (via Facebook)


“I'm sending all my friends on this page. You guys are doing some amazing stuff!”

Chef Lee Williams - Publix Supermarkets (via Facebook)


“Thank you Marcela, for making this cake for me (The Sweet Brigadier Cake), my family and the friends I'm gonna to have to share with, now that I've posted on Facebook :) The brigadeiro was SOOOOOO goood!!!!!! You made our weekend sweeter.”

Juliana Souza Briceno (via Facebook)


“Over 9 years living in USA, this is The Best Brigadeiro that I ever had, so goooood!!!!”

Leonardo Santos - Artist at KA Cirque du Soleil (via Facebook)


“Your food is the best that I ate in a very long time!’

Austan Torso - Owner at Miracle’s Fitness Retreat


“Marcela’s truffles are delicious! I ordered the ones with Baileys and some with coffee for my birthday and everyone LOVED THEM! So tasty! And a great addition to any dessert table! Great finger food!”

Janaina Zucco Cechet (via Facebook)


“Your truffles are just the best I ever ate! I finished them in 5 seconds.”

Ricardo Juliotti - General Manager Texas de Brazil Steakhouse Salt Lake City (via Facebook)


"Thank you so much for the 2 cakes! The Strawberry Explosion and Apple Cake were out of this world! Super great service and delicious cakes. Thank you!!" 

Crystal Ro (via email)


“Thank you, sweet Marcela, for the box of your truffles. They are beautiful, delicious, and the packaging is great. Very impressed. You are so thoughtful!”

Amber Billingsley - 3 Cups Cafe - Pastry Chef 


@SweetBrigadier best chocolate truffles in the world! :)

Juliana Lino - Editor of Produtosdebeleza.com (via Twitter)


"Dear Marcela,

I purchased another voucher of your medium size chocolate truffles! Yum! My family and kids loved them!"

Stephanie Leavitt (via email - LivingSocial promotion Oct 2012)


"Marcela, you are a very understanding and wonderful person to communicate with. We didn't even receive the box YET but your willingness and flexibility for options is beyond what you would expect for customer service. I totally believe your generous attitude contributes to the wonderfulness and goodness of your chocolates and I am looking forward to sharing this with all of my friends." 

Sam Nuth (via Facebook/Living Social Customer)


"Thanks for your art!" 

Debi Bryant (Living Social Customer)


"Just a quick note – your Truffles are absolutely amazing!!!! I’m sorry that we don’t live in Park City – we were there on vacation! Thank you for producing such a wonderful product." 

Carolyn Allen (via email/Living Social Customer)


“We cannot thank you enough for the delicious sweets you had at our S-Series event!! Thank you again!!” 

Strong Audi - Salt Lake City (Via Twitter)


“We tasted one of Marcela's Dulce de Leche Truffles last week. WOW! It was incredibly delicious! Like mouth-watering flavor fireworks going off in my mouth! Keep up the great work! I know The Sweet Brigadier will be successful.” 

The Pledge Portal  (via Salt Lake Magazine)


“I just tasted Brazil!”

Gretchen Jensen - Co-host of Good Things Utah Show on ABC4


"@SweetBrigadier has delicious macaroons that look just like Pretty Patties!"

Provo Treasure Hunt (via Twitter)


“The Sweet Brigadier truffles were the type that melt in your mouth with lots of flavor. The half coconut, half chocolate truffle called "Happy Marriage" was my favorite! It was delicious.”

Jill Margetts - Anchor and Meteorologist at KUTV Channel 2 Utah.


“WONDERFUL this cake you made to our birthday party ... Sensational! Already ate two pieces this morning when I woke up hahahaha”

Leticia Katz - Salt Lake Magazine Journalist (via Facebook)


“I tried some of Marcela's truffles and they were delicious. I loved the taste, the texture and also how beautiful they were. If you want a little taste of Brasil I  highly recommend Marcela's work. It was a treat I really needed! Can't wait to try some more. Thank you Marcela.”

Alessandra Wortmann (Chef/ Owner of www.howicook.com via email) 


“Amazing truffles!!! This girl works so hard!! She is an awesome professional.”

Mariana D’avilla (La Bella Mafia model and Owner of CustomT T-shirts via Salt Lake Magazine website)


“Awesome truffles! My husband and I recommend Marcela's delicious confections to everybody!”

Déborah Breder Vesey (Via Salt Lake Magazine website)


“No fair - you're making us hungry!” 

Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper (Via Twitter)


“Very cool. Congrats on the successful company.”

Krista Parry (via Twitter)


“Looks amazing! Congrats!”

Zy Restaurant in Salt Lake City (via Twitter)


“Marcela, congratulations! the truffles are really good! I was surprised how good the jalapeño one is, but the coconut still my favorite!”

Ricardo BD (customer - via Facebook)


“If you love chocolate, like I do, you definitely need to try these truffles from "The Sweet Brigadier". They are truly exceptional....the best truffles ever!! Your truffles are so good! I think everyone should try it. I should have filmed my boyfriend’s face when he had his first bite. He was delirious!! Congratulations on your work and I’m sure it will be a success!!!!  ” 

Ana Beatriz (customer - via Facebook)


"Marcela gave me one of her white chocolate passion fruit truffles to taste. It was rich and tangy and smooth in texture. I loved it!"

Letty Flatt - Deer Valley Resort Former Executive Pastry Chef (via email) - 5 years best ski resort in North America.


“Delicious handmade truffles! What a treat!”

Allan Huffmon - Former Assistant Pastry Chef Mariposa Restaurant - Deer Valley Resort (via Facebook) - #1 restaurant Zagat Magazine.


“They are amazing!! Talk about a party in my mouth!!!!

AND beautiful! Almost don't want to eat them because they're so pretty :) "  

Laura Meyers. Salt Lake City - via Facebook 

Winner of the Facebook promotion “I want a box of truffles because...” Dec 2011


“Marcela, Your website made me smile - congratulations on the successful opening of your company!”

Chef Gavin Baker - The Mist Project (via email)


“My three family members and I all received our Sweet Brigadier with spoon,

and I have heard nothing but raves from the whole family. As for mine, well it didn't last long. I could hardly put down the spoon! I will be coming back for more to be used for gifts, and you have so many flavors I still want to try myself! 

Congratulations, Marcela! You have a great product.”

Dave Whalen - Yardley, PA (Via Email)


“It was great to feel the taste of an authentic and delicious brigadier again.

I'm from Brazil and that reminds me of home... parties with family and friends!

Marcela's brigadier is excellent and her creative touch when she adds spices and other ingredients makes hers even more special.

Just delicious!”

Solange Gomes - Owner of Tablado Dance in Salt Lake City (via email)


"Marcela, your truffles are divine!"  

Danica - Salt Lake Farmer's Market


"Wow! I just ate one of your chocolates and have to say they are off the hook I will be buying more for sure. Thanks!"   

Anthony S. - Salt Lake City - UT (via Facebook)


"Hi Marcela- We received the yummy "stuff" in the mail from my dad! I have to fight my daughter off with a stick or she will eat the whole thing! Congrats on very successful business!"   

Alison W. C. - Naples, ME (by email)


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